Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So here I am....

I figured I would jump on the band wagon of the bloggin world. You know that I used to blog quite frequently back in the day. Anyone remember I thought my bloggin days were through, but I like to think of this as an upgrade from xanga...or something.

Let me update you on my life right now, for those that might be out of the Randi loop. I just got married. I live in Logan, UT working at home for I am a live chatter. So, if you are on the site and it asks you if you want to talk to a "gear expert" that is me. Aw yea.....
I am just finishing up school at Healing mountain massage school and will take my test to get nationally certified with in a month!
My husband and a few friends of ours, Devin and Jer, currently joined the Logan curling club and are now known as Team Nuckett. Put the four of us in another situation and we transform into the band Little Wooden Boy. We are trying to think of more things we could be called when the four of us are together. I will let you know how that goes....

And thats about it for now. If you want to see some wedding footage and a halarious interveiw of how my husband, Chris Martin, and I met and that whole story. It really is worth watching.

Scroll down until you see Chris and Randi.

ok. Thats all for now. Until next time!!