Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The adventures of Timmy.

Once upon a time, there was a kite named, Timmy. Timmy was given to Princess Randi by Prince Chris to celebrate her 22nd year of reignment on this earth. Timmy brought joy and merriment to all who flew him. Chris and Randi would travel with Timmy over hill and dale, just to watch him dance in the wind.

Sir Devin, a mere jester of the Kingdom, would often accompany them on these fair outings.

Timmy brought joy but also a challange to all who flew him. He definately brought out the best and worst of a man. This kept everything in its balance.

On the hillside of Logan Palace one day, there were many members of the Royal Family enjoying quality time together. While the wind was blowing in its perfect hour, someone unexpected came to upset this ebb and flow of Timmy's purpose.

An evil Palace guard came storming onto the hill using all sorts of loudness and corruptness.
"This is a Palace, not a park!!!" he screamed over and over in the most unessesary of tones. "You must all leave at once!"

So, even though they were all members of the Royal Family, participating in beautiful Royal Family activities, the merriment was destroyed.

What will happen to the Kingdom now that Timmy is not there to serve and direct? Will Timmy ever fly again? Who was this evil Palace guard and why did he have the power over the Royal Family?

Stay tuned to find out what happens next on The Adventures of Timmy!!!!