Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Let's Walk the Walk, shall we?

Happy first day of 2012! I hope that this new year is serving you well. As for me? Well, it is grand.

You wouldn't think so by my current state. I've been tucked in bed cuddling with my pup all day as I've been trying to get over a cold, my monthly cramps are kicking my trash, and I'm nursing my frozen neck and shoulder that has left me unable to move these past few days.

At first all of this bummed me out, but it's actually fitting in perfectly with my new game plan "Walking the Walk," as mentioned in my last (mildly depressing) post.

As someone in the healing profession, I spend a lot of time advising people on how to be healthier and happier. I want people to invest in their health and well-being and trust that can be pain-free in every area of life. But I can't really help them if I'm not practicing what I preach. And I hadn't been for quite some time.

So I've been working on that, and I'm happy to report that things are on the up and up. Since my last post, I have landed a great job as a content writer for a website, opened up my own massage space in Sandy, UT, and started teaching Yoga at the clubhouse in my housing development. I also finally finished my last lingering online class and am now officially a college grad!

And now as I sit here with body aches that make me want to puke, I'm finding a new way to walk the walk. I'm trying out all of the tricks that I tell my clients that help with these kinds of pains. It's actually kind of fun for me when I get sick because I can try out all of the new remedies that I've read about and see what actually works and what doesn't. I'm kind of twisted like that.

So with heating pads and herbal teas as my companions, I have come up with 6 main intentions for 2012 to help me keep Walking the Walk in my personal and professional life. I am a little hesitant to share them here because they are really personal, but I feel moved to do so because perhaps they will spark an idea of what would serve you. And like always, sharing them will help keep me accountable.

1. Balanced Love: Work on the balance of giving and receiving love. I can't give it unless I allow myself to fully receive it, and I have always struggled with being able to receive it. And if I'm doing one more than the other, love becomes self-centered and exhausting. When it is balanced, everything else in my life will follow.

2. Be my "why not" self: Often times when I try to take on a new way of being I stop myself because I think, "Oh I can't. I've never done this before, and it's just not me." Well from now on, when that wall comes up, I plan on saying, "Why not?" Why can't I be the type of person that likes mornings? Why can't I say no to yet another serving of pasta? I have no good reason. There is no good reason why I can't be the person I want to be.

3. No Shame Authenticity: I have made some major life changes these past few years, and I have been trying really hard to tune into who I really am. It's been hard when what I'm discovering as my authentic self goes against the grain of the culture that I live and grew up in. I found myself being ashamed in a way of how I really feel about things, worrying that if people really knew how I felt that they wouldn't like or respect me anymore. Well, that is silly and I'm done with that. Life is too short to revolve it around what other people will think.

4. Easeful Organization: Whenever I try to get my ducks in a row, I find myself getting overwhelmed and anxious about staying organized. I get so caught up in my vision of what having an organized life is that I just give up before I start. I want to live in a world where being organized and on top of things is just who I am, not something I have to live up to. It's easy, I just need to chill out.

5. Because It's Fun: For some reason, this past year I have become so serious. The things I love to do turned into a burden somehow. I created all of these attachments and expectations to things and activities that I enjoyed and they lost their fun. I'm sick of that. I'm dropping the baggage, and I just want to do things because they are fun, not because they will make me lose weight, or impress so and so, or any of that.

6. Responsible Abundance: This intention is directed towards my financial life. I honestly suck with money. For years I have been living from pay check to pay check, and the second that I get some extra income, I get so excited and just spend it right away. I want to be able to handle abundance. I want to create abundance in my life and let it flow freely and responsibly in and out of my life. When I do that, then that creates space for even more abundance.

And there you have it. A little insight as to what I'm putting out there for 2012. This is the first time that I am putting out intentions instead of specific individual goals. I like to do that on a weekly and daily basis, but I'm hoping that these by following these intentions, all of the details with come naturally.

The happiest of New Years to you, my dears.

Much love,