Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Story of Dexter

Oh, hello blog-o-sphere. It's been a while, hasn't it?

 Being a Creative Writing major means that I'm too burnt out to write anything more than I have to for class, so the blog gets neglected. But, it's Spring Break, and I've got nothing but time. So, I'm back, bloggin' up a storm.

I'm here to tell you about the lastest member of the Martin family.

 Meet Dexter.
Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd mix. 10 months old. Male. 

Chris and I have talked about getting a second dog for a while, but it was always something we would do eventually. It would come up in conversation every once in a blue moon, and we would say, "Yeah, maybe someday." Our first dog, Maeby, fulfilled my dog desires and honestly, I couldn't imagine having loving another dog as much as I loved Maeby. I didn't think I had enough room in my heart for another dog. 

Two weeks ago we were watching our friend's dog. We had another dog around constantly for about five days. It was so fun to see Maeby with another dog. She was better behaved, and her separation anxiety was a lot better. The idea of a second dog started to more and more into our conversations.

Late August was the soonest we would get another dog. With our move to Salt Lake coming up in May, we figured that August would be the perfect time for us. To satiate our second puppy thoughts we started looking at what we call "Puppy Porn." has a classified section just for dogs for sale. We have spent hours and hours fawning over puppies. In fact, it's how we found Maeby. 

Warning: Never look at puppy porn unless you are ready to get one. 

This is where, on our very first look, we found Dexter, who was called Buddy at the time. There was just something about him when we looked at his profile. He had to be ours. So we texted the number that night. With in minutes we got a text back saying he had already been sold. We were crushed. I went to bed that night aching for Dexter. 

The next day Pet Smart was hosting Four Paws Adoption dogs at their store. To deal with our Dexter devastation, we decided to look. Here we found Peggy. An airedale/healer mix, super cute, perfect size, really cuddly, doesn't shed. On paper, she was the perfect dog. But I just wasn't excited about it. It didn't feel right, so I figured that it just wasn't the right time for a second dog. We had filled out paperwork for Peggy to come home with us on Sunday, but Saturday night we planned to call on Sunday to say we'd changed our mind.

After a wonderful morning of skiing, we got out of the canyon and received a text message. "Bad News," Chris said to me. The text stated that the people who were going to by Dexter couldn't have him in their condo, so he was available if we still wanted him. "Oh, no," I replied. All of my feelings of doubt about getting a second dog right now was quickly replaced with feelings of excitement and urgency. Keep in mind, we had just decided the night before that getting a second dog right now wasn't right for us. We quickly drove home, showered, got right back in the car, and drove an hour to Layton to get Dexter. Maeby and Dexter hit it off, and they looked so perfect together. We were sold. 

And now we have him. Maeby was a little territorial at first, but five days later it's like we've always had him. They play so well together and he is the cuddliest dog I know. And, turns out, there is room in my heart for two dogs. I mean, look at him. Honestly. 


So there you have it. The story of our dear Dexter. 

And just so you know, taking a nap on the couch with two dogs covering me to make a warm puppy blanket is the best.