Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to reality, whoops there goes gravity....

It is 4:22 in the AM and I have to get up for class in 3 hours. I can't sleep. What the crap?
Might as well blog...

Well, its that time of year again. The thirst for knowledge is in the air once again in Logan, UT. Perhaps not for everyone, but it is for me. Honestly, I never thought I would actually crave to be in school in my entire life. But I guess being out of a formal education for 4 years can do that for a person. If I stop and think about it, a part of me does feel a little lame for being a 23 year old freshman. Especially when most of my friends have been done with their undergrad for a few years and are off to bigger and better things. Some might say that I have been off doing bigger and better things and now I'm back to reality and slowing down a bit. I suppose I have always done things a little backwards. Ah well... It works for me. And luckily I married someone who is the same way so we are in this backwards boat together.

Even though I have loved the wanna be vagabond life, it does feel good to have a little structure. Chris and I finally got jobs, if you can believe it. Chris is working at an at risk youth center for boys in Brigham City (which he loves) and I got hired as the massage therapist at a local holistic health center called Divine Health and Home. I am also have massage clients separate from the health center. I even have business cards! I am so profesh. So if any of you out there needs a know who to call.....(its me, in case didn't catch on to my subtle plea for business). And we started school today. Both of us full time students. Hazzah!

So, life is good. Busy. A little overwhelming, but in a good way. And now I shall try to fit some sleepies in before its too late.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Once you go Black.....

It is a bitter sweet feeling I suppose.
I am back in the rockin Logan City. It feels oh so good to be back but I will admit that I do miss New Zealand.

Coromandel Town was amazing. So pretty. But it was too bad that we spent most of our time indoors due to the stormage. And the rain didn't let up really until we left the country. Ah well.

We ended up taking a bus to Auckland. There we met up with an awesome couple, Debbie and Trevor. We met them about 2 months ago when we were hitchhiking on the South Island. They picked us up around the Pancake Rocks and said that if we were ever back in Auckland that we would have a place to stay. So, we called them up and ended up staying there for almost a week. They are way chill. Trevor is a life coach and Debbie is a fashion designer. They took good care of us. And Trever offered to do a life coaching session with me and it totally rocked my socks. Who knew?

After kickin it with them we stayed with some members that knew the Chattertons we stayed with in Hamilton. The Shwankies are one of the coolest families around. They serious hippies. They used to live in a big school bus and travel around the South Island, playing guitar and singing together for money. We had some good sing alongs when we were staying with them.

We also when to an All Blacks game. For those of you that don't know, rugby is like a religion in New Zealand. And the whole country has one team. The All Blacks. Their big rivalries are with South Africa and Austrailia. We got to see them play Austrailia and we totally whooped 'em!

So went to church with the Shwankies and then the next day we were off! I am not even going to go into details of our travels back because everyone knows that airlines are lame...but we made it eventually. And we were warmly welcomed home with the Orm of Enwelcoment!!

Thank you Deh, Jer, Kelly, and Orm.

In closing. Chris and I had a freakin' blast on our trip. And even though we will be paying it off for the rest of forever, it was totally worth it. I advise all to partake in the goodness off New Zealand. I also advise for all couples and future couples out there to take a trip like this. It will bring you together and help you get to know eachother like nothing else.

And thats that for now. For those of you that have started reading this blog just for New Zealand updates, please know that this is also the place for Chris and Randi updates in general. So feel free to check back every so often.

Peace and loves.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Snakes on a Plane

We leave to come home tomorrow!!! I can't beleive it!

Well, here is the latest update.

So, our stay in Hamilton was wonderful. We had alot of fun with the older couple we stayed with. The LDS temple is in Hamilton, so we got to do a session and also see the church school that is closing down soon. It was a really nice experience.

After Hamilton we decided to explore the Coromandel Penninsula.Oh man. It is freaking amazing. So beautiful. We stayed in a town called Tairua and went fishing. We didnt catch much but enough to have some dinner. And the fisherman that took us liked us so much that he had us over afterwards to his home, and I gave his wife a massage so we didnt have to pay for the fishing. Not too bad.

The next town we stayed at was in Coromandel town. Its a cute little town by the sea but we barely got to experience it. There was a huge wind and rain storm that came in and lasted about 3 days. It was nasty and the streets were flooded. There was no going outside. Luckily we were staying at a nice hostel where there was a tv in our room with 2 movie channels. The down side was that it cycled the same movies over and over and one channel was right behind the other. But on the plus side we got to watch Snakes on a Plane as much as we wanted. Now if you havent heard, Snakes on a Plane is a brilliant movie with Samuel L Jackson. I am not going to tell what it is about though because I will give it away....But I'm sure you can figure it out.

We got a nice little day in at Coromandel Town but then the storm was back, so we ended up taking a bus to Auckland so we didnt have to stand out and hitch in the rain.

Dang, I am running out of time to update but we have spent this past week in Auckland and I will write about that later.

Much love.