Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy anniversary to me!!

Well kids, its offical.... I have been married for one month today!! hazzah!!!
Here are things I have learned in the first month:
*Being married is SO much better than being engaged
*Cooking = good times.... who knew?
*health insurance is a B.
*adjusting to living with a boy was insanely easy
*Being indepenently dependent is a good way to be.
*I have a hot bod.
*If I feel like having a midnight waffle/Harry Potter party, I can, and no one is going to stop me!
*I am so paranoid about getting pregnant that I was craving pickles one night so I took a pregancy test....
*taking pregnancy tests are kind never know what you are going to get!
*my husband is da bomb dot com. I heart him.

Thats is for now. I will be posting some hot pics in the near future.
peace in the middle east