Friday, October 10, 2008

We all Fall down

If haven't mentioned it, yet...
I freakin love the fall. It is my favorite season by far and Logan is probably the best place in the world to experience it. Even though I have not toughened up for the winter chill, yet, I loved walking around campus today in the crisp Autumn air, wearing my 3 layers and fatty scarf.

And I gave my blog a makeover. Check out the hot back round. (thanks Adrianne)

So... I really need to update more because some neat events have happend. Prepare yourself for a mega update.

A few weeks ago a bunch of us went backpacking up Logan Canyon to White Pine Lake. It was so fun and so pretty.

Can you find Devin in the picture? So much for cute Randi and Chris photo op.

And we only got caught in one rain/hail storm. Not bad...

This past winter a family friend of Chris, The Garlicks, lost one of their daughters in a skiing accident at Beaver Mountain. They dedicated this amazing monument to her at the top of one of the runs. They had an awesome cerimony to dedicate it that had live music, speeches from friends and family, and great food. It was such a beautiful day and an honor to witness.

There is an organization on campus called Aggies for Africa and every year they sponsor a shoe drive where you donate old shoes and go barefoot for a few days. Chris and I both dontated shoes but I was the only one to go barefoot. I was all over it.

And last but not least.... Jeffery "Wave" Felix got home from his serving an LDS mission in Germany and Austria. Wave is the only Martin/Felix sibling I hadn't met yet and it was an honor. It is hard to tell in the photos but three of the brothers decided to grow out mustaches in honor of Wave's arrival. Devin, Greg, and Chris never looked better. Chris was so proud to sport
the mustache and polyester.

So, there you have it. It has been quite the eventful Autumn season thus far..and it's not over yet, folks.