Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh, Tannenbaum

Tis' the season to do Christmasy-type things, so we started by getting our own tree!! We named it Casone because (as you can see in the picture above) our dear friends Jon and Casey helped us pic it out. They came up from SLC to visit us a few weeks ago and it was a grand ol' time.

We made veggie burgers from scratch and they were TO DIE FOR!!! Oh the meatless goodness...

And we made our own decorations for the tree, since we never had a Christmas tree before we had to improvise. Thank you pipe cleaners and scraps of paper. Oh, and I got the paper ball idea from my dear friend Leah. Check out her fancy blog here.

My dear friend, Brooke, had an extra ticket to the Christmas Devotional and since Brooke and I haven't spent time with just the two of us since we both got married I decided to go. I usually don't like to go to the broadcasts if I can just watch them on TV because I don't like the crowds and I would rather watch it in my PJ's on my couch. But I have to say, it was a really nice experience. Being in the presense of the First Presidency was surprisingly overwhelming. And the Mo Tab sounds so much better in person. Got me in the Christmas Spirit for sure.

But nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more that kissing a camel! This old barn in Hyrum hosted a live Nativity. It was pretty neat. Petting the animals was my favorite part.

And then there were ward and family Christmas parties this past week, which for some reason I have no pictures of... But they were alot of fun. The whole lot of Chris's family got together at an elementary school in Springville, UT. All 11 kids. Most of which have spouses and babies. We ate good food, exchange presents, and played some intense dodgeball. Only a few minor injuries and one pair of torn pants. I really love Chris's family. They are so fun. I'm so glad that we get along so well with eachother's families. Such a blessing.

And speaking of families, we are going to Fargo Rock City, North Dakota on tuesday! Oh, boy. I can't even wait. It's wierd that when I gradutated high school I moved to Utah and never wanted to go back. But since then, I have moved back to Fargo two or three times and I look oh so forward to every visit. Crazy how that is. But its home. And I miss it. And my family is amazing and they make me laugh so hard. I can't wait to see them.

Until next time... Randi out.

Monday, December 8, 2008

This post is coming a little late but better late than never right? Right.

For Thanksgiving this year, Chris and I ventured half way across the country to the lovely and exotic..... Lincoln, Nebraska! Chris's brother, Dan, is going to grad school out there and him and his lovely wife,Courtney, were kind enough to let us take over their house for a few days.

Twas a grand trip. We started driving with 3 of Chris's other siblings, Devin, Katie, and Jeff, at 1:30 am! After a long, long journey we arrived in Lincoln around 4:00 pm. The next morning we woke up at 7:00 am to experience the football field of the Corn Huskers. Someone from the ward in Lincoln had some hook ups and arranged for the members to be able to play football on this legendary field Thanksgiving morning. People here treat this football team like a religion and so it was a life long dream for a lot of these people to be on this field to play. We didn't play football. We just wondered around being cold and tired, but it was still neat.

After the football fun we all crashed and slept for a while. Once we awoke, we all chipped in and prepared one of the best Thanksgiving meals I have ever had. Good work, everyone.
Chris and his brothers have a tradition of beating Super Mario 3 every Thanksgiving so that was also going on and off all day until it was done.

The theme of this Thanksgiving was "Forget Parents." And boy did we. We drove whenever we wanted, ate whatever and whenever we wanted, and played hours and hours of video games. This was our time.

I fell in love and became obsessed with Rudy. He is Dan and Courtney's dog. Honestly, he is the cutest dog in the world. I want a dog so badly it hurts but our landlord won't let us have one, so Rudy filled my dog wanting void. All I wanted to do was cuddle him 24/7. He was mainly a tease but I got a few good moments.

The next day, after Courtney and I braved the stores on black Friday, we went shootin. I have a lousy shot, so I chilled with Rudy and was moral support. Don't worry, all we shot were clay pigeons.

Don't mess with the Martins

On Saturday we decided to be a little cultured and we went to the Natural History Museum. I have to admit I was impressed. Education ensued.....

On Sunday we had a looooooooong drive home. But we only got caught in one storm and we made it back in one piece.

Thank you, Nebraska for the good times. Until we meet again...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sorry, boys. The lovely and talented Karly Jo got married this past weekend.
It was such a fun wedding and I was honored to be a Bride's maid.

I love it when someone from Fargo gets married because it is the only time I ever see the ol' gang I grew up with. It's crazy that most of us are married now. We are all growing up so fast! *tear*

Although, my poor husband has to endure listening to unfamiliar stories and inside jokes all night. Bless his little heart. Thanks for being my hot date, Chris.

And now for a little tribute for Karly and Tina. We made it, girls! Fargo love for life!

I am so happy for my Kjo. We have been through a lot together. From primary to girls camp to Nauvoo to X-files marathons to living together freshman year. I love you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

When in Rome....


So I have been tagged by the wonderful and talented Mr David. I will do this but I don't know how exciting it will be for everyone.

1. I collect garden gnomes. My secret obsession started when I was a wee lass and used to watch David the Gnome on Nick Jr. It continued as a secret until I randomly told someone and they stole one from someone's yard for me. The trend caught on and my friends started frequently stealing them from lawns to give to me. That doesn't happen anymore. But I do buy one when I see one. And I always take gifts...

2. I used to make up dances to the entire soundtrack of Disney movies and then make my parents pay 50 cents to watch me.

3. My mom and I swing dance in public places whenever we hear music.

4. When my husband is not home I blast The Black Eyed Peas and dance around my house.

5. I tried to dress like Punky Brewster and Clarissa from Clarissa explains it all when I was younger. I guess that explains my lack of ability to match.

6. My favorite T.V. show is "The Adventures of Pete and Pete."

7. I openly have a crush on Tina Fey.

There you have it. I am so interesting....

And I tag:
Kelly Greenwood
Mama Turley

Don't feel obligated to do this. It's just for kicks.

And if you care to check it out, I had to make a travel-type blog for my English class. It only has one post right now. Maybe someday it will have more but if you want to check it out it is here.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back by popular demand!

After a 5 year break, I am finally back into the theater scene. For those of you that knew me back in the day, I used to be quite the thespian. From about 5th grade to 12th grade I was in about 2 shows a year. Coming from two theater major parents, I couldn't get away from it. But the older I got, the more political and weird the theater scene got and by my senior year I was done.

Well, slowly over time, the urge for the stage that runs through my blood has been creeping back into my life. S0, I decided to dip my toes into the Utah State theater program by being in their annual Halloween Show.
They did two one act plays. The suspenseful Monkey's Paw, and the comical murder mystery And Then There Was One. I was Emily Plain in And Then There Was one. Not much to brag about but it was really fun. Thanks to those who came physically and in spirit....or something.

And next on the calender is the annual Pumpkin Blow!! This is an event of a life time. Chris and I started going last year. The Saturday after Halloween, in Weston, Idaho, friends and family gather 'round to see a huge pile of pumpkins blow up. It's wonderful. Please enjoy the video.

God Bless America.

Friday, October 10, 2008

We all Fall down

If haven't mentioned it, yet...
I freakin love the fall. It is my favorite season by far and Logan is probably the best place in the world to experience it. Even though I have not toughened up for the winter chill, yet, I loved walking around campus today in the crisp Autumn air, wearing my 3 layers and fatty scarf.

And I gave my blog a makeover. Check out the hot back round. (thanks Adrianne)

So... I really need to update more because some neat events have happend. Prepare yourself for a mega update.

A few weeks ago a bunch of us went backpacking up Logan Canyon to White Pine Lake. It was so fun and so pretty.

Can you find Devin in the picture? So much for cute Randi and Chris photo op.

And we only got caught in one rain/hail storm. Not bad...

This past winter a family friend of Chris, The Garlicks, lost one of their daughters in a skiing accident at Beaver Mountain. They dedicated this amazing monument to her at the top of one of the runs. They had an awesome cerimony to dedicate it that had live music, speeches from friends and family, and great food. It was such a beautiful day and an honor to witness.

There is an organization on campus called Aggies for Africa and every year they sponsor a shoe drive where you donate old shoes and go barefoot for a few days. Chris and I both dontated shoes but I was the only one to go barefoot. I was all over it.

And last but not least.... Jeffery "Wave" Felix got home from his serving an LDS mission in Germany and Austria. Wave is the only Martin/Felix sibling I hadn't met yet and it was an honor. It is hard to tell in the photos but three of the brothers decided to grow out mustaches in honor of Wave's arrival. Devin, Greg, and Chris never looked better. Chris was so proud to sport
the mustache and polyester.

So, there you have it. It has been quite the eventful Autumn season thus far..and it's not over yet, folks.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good bye summer, my old friend....

Summer has been good to the Martin Family this year. New Zealand seems like a dream, these days. And even though the leaves are changing, it's getting dark sooner, and all that jazz we still had some good times in Logan before school started. Here are some "tender momes" we have had since we have been back from down under.

The rocket launching

The Sunday tradition of playing a heated game of croquet.

Seeing Kelli and Drew again!! Along with chillin with Janette, Wookie, and Wags. Good times had by all. Except the ice cream place "Spoon Me" isn't as good as it sounds.

Chris and his biker gang taking on White Pine Lake. Chris is the one in the red helmet. What a winner. Its not really a bike helmet but it got the job done.

And the infamous Cache Bash. Go Wingnut!

And now it is time for my favorite season of the year. Logan in the fall has to be the prettiest place on earth.

So goodbye, Summer. Thank you for all of the good times. You shall be missed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to reality, whoops there goes gravity....

It is 4:22 in the AM and I have to get up for class in 3 hours. I can't sleep. What the crap?
Might as well blog...

Well, its that time of year again. The thirst for knowledge is in the air once again in Logan, UT. Perhaps not for everyone, but it is for me. Honestly, I never thought I would actually crave to be in school in my entire life. But I guess being out of a formal education for 4 years can do that for a person. If I stop and think about it, a part of me does feel a little lame for being a 23 year old freshman. Especially when most of my friends have been done with their undergrad for a few years and are off to bigger and better things. Some might say that I have been off doing bigger and better things and now I'm back to reality and slowing down a bit. I suppose I have always done things a little backwards. Ah well... It works for me. And luckily I married someone who is the same way so we are in this backwards boat together.

Even though I have loved the wanna be vagabond life, it does feel good to have a little structure. Chris and I finally got jobs, if you can believe it. Chris is working at an at risk youth center for boys in Brigham City (which he loves) and I got hired as the massage therapist at a local holistic health center called Divine Health and Home. I am also have massage clients separate from the health center. I even have business cards! I am so profesh. So if any of you out there needs a know who to call.....(its me, in case didn't catch on to my subtle plea for business). And we started school today. Both of us full time students. Hazzah!

So, life is good. Busy. A little overwhelming, but in a good way. And now I shall try to fit some sleepies in before its too late.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Once you go Black.....

It is a bitter sweet feeling I suppose.
I am back in the rockin Logan City. It feels oh so good to be back but I will admit that I do miss New Zealand.

Coromandel Town was amazing. So pretty. But it was too bad that we spent most of our time indoors due to the stormage. And the rain didn't let up really until we left the country. Ah well.

We ended up taking a bus to Auckland. There we met up with an awesome couple, Debbie and Trevor. We met them about 2 months ago when we were hitchhiking on the South Island. They picked us up around the Pancake Rocks and said that if we were ever back in Auckland that we would have a place to stay. So, we called them up and ended up staying there for almost a week. They are way chill. Trevor is a life coach and Debbie is a fashion designer. They took good care of us. And Trever offered to do a life coaching session with me and it totally rocked my socks. Who knew?

After kickin it with them we stayed with some members that knew the Chattertons we stayed with in Hamilton. The Shwankies are one of the coolest families around. They serious hippies. They used to live in a big school bus and travel around the South Island, playing guitar and singing together for money. We had some good sing alongs when we were staying with them.

We also when to an All Blacks game. For those of you that don't know, rugby is like a religion in New Zealand. And the whole country has one team. The All Blacks. Their big rivalries are with South Africa and Austrailia. We got to see them play Austrailia and we totally whooped 'em!

So went to church with the Shwankies and then the next day we were off! I am not even going to go into details of our travels back because everyone knows that airlines are lame...but we made it eventually. And we were warmly welcomed home with the Orm of Enwelcoment!!

Thank you Deh, Jer, Kelly, and Orm.

In closing. Chris and I had a freakin' blast on our trip. And even though we will be paying it off for the rest of forever, it was totally worth it. I advise all to partake in the goodness off New Zealand. I also advise for all couples and future couples out there to take a trip like this. It will bring you together and help you get to know eachother like nothing else.

And thats that for now. For those of you that have started reading this blog just for New Zealand updates, please know that this is also the place for Chris and Randi updates in general. So feel free to check back every so often.

Peace and loves.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Snakes on a Plane

We leave to come home tomorrow!!! I can't beleive it!

Well, here is the latest update.

So, our stay in Hamilton was wonderful. We had alot of fun with the older couple we stayed with. The LDS temple is in Hamilton, so we got to do a session and also see the church school that is closing down soon. It was a really nice experience.

After Hamilton we decided to explore the Coromandel Penninsula.Oh man. It is freaking amazing. So beautiful. We stayed in a town called Tairua and went fishing. We didnt catch much but enough to have some dinner. And the fisherman that took us liked us so much that he had us over afterwards to his home, and I gave his wife a massage so we didnt have to pay for the fishing. Not too bad.

The next town we stayed at was in Coromandel town. Its a cute little town by the sea but we barely got to experience it. There was a huge wind and rain storm that came in and lasted about 3 days. It was nasty and the streets were flooded. There was no going outside. Luckily we were staying at a nice hostel where there was a tv in our room with 2 movie channels. The down side was that it cycled the same movies over and over and one channel was right behind the other. But on the plus side we got to watch Snakes on a Plane as much as we wanted. Now if you havent heard, Snakes on a Plane is a brilliant movie with Samuel L Jackson. I am not going to tell what it is about though because I will give it away....But I'm sure you can figure it out.

We got a nice little day in at Coromandel Town but then the storm was back, so we ended up taking a bus to Auckland so we didnt have to stand out and hitch in the rain.

Dang, I am running out of time to update but we have spent this past week in Auckland and I will write about that later.

Much love.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hello, again, my faithful readers!

Let me fill you in.

So, when I last left you we were in Nelson. Awesome city. And the weather is great. Nelson is right next to a national park called Abel Tasman. I must say the Abel Tasman could be my favorite place in New Zealand. It is so beautiful. It is right on the coast of the Tasman Sea with white sandy beaches and then it goes up into lush green rainforest. So amazing. The only downfall is that it is called a rain forest for a reason. Especially in the winter. (it is winter here, lest we forget) So we hitchhiked in the pouring rain to a hostel right outside the park. Now this is a magical place. They have this art gallery outside where people carve things into trees and make jewelry and all sorts of cool artwork. We bought some cool necklaces from a french woman who is a reiki master. Of course i had to do a reiki session with her. It was awesome.

Then next morning we got up and headed for the hills. They have huts along the trails where you can stay. On the coastal track you have to pay but we did the inland trail which isnt as popular and so they don't charge. We met these two boys from northern california who we ended up hiking with the whole time. They were way funny. One was 18 and the other was almost 17. We started on the inland track and we were more out of shape than we thought so we didnt make it to the first hut. We did make it to a possum infested shelter though. It is not as nice as a hut but it gets the job done. We kicked the possum out and set up camp on this kindof bunkbed with ghetto foam pads that had all sorts of mystery stains. There were dirt floors and a tiny fireplace where we magically started a fire with wet wood. It was a fun night. We had to build a possum proof door. It worked but we could hear them try to get in all night. And one of the americans eased the situation by reading us to sleep with Lord of the Rings. He did all of the voices.

We woke up the next morning and decided to hike down to the coastal track so we could experience both. That was a cool hike but it rained like non other and we got totally drenched. We made it to a hut that was pretty nice. There was a gas fire that kept us warm and dried out clothes. By the end of the day there were 11 of us in this hut. There is a room in the middle which is a kitchen and where the fire place is and then there are two rooms on the side that have beds with matresses. Well we were all too cold to sleep in the rooms without fire so we crammed 11 matresses in this little kitchen and all slept on the floor. Good times.

Then the next day was clear and beautiful and so we had a nice hike back and headed back to Nelson where we stayed with the Hippolite family again. We love them. Such a great family. We stayed with them another few days and we got welcomed onto a morai (not sure on the spelling).
It is a moari meeting house and you can only enter onto it if you are welcomed. They have a whole ceremony where they sing and stuff. It was pretty cool.

We finally said goodbye to the Hippolite and the south island and headed north. We took the ferry and i got sea sick! I have never gotten sea sick or had motion sickness. Crazy... Then we took a bus up to a town called Rotorua. Here we have been staying for the past week with Yoga Master Paul Barton. He is an intense yoga instructor that runs retreats from his home in the forest farmland. So pretty. So we have been studying meditation and Iyengar Yoga (which is the yoga that makes you hurt). I will say that it changed my life. My body kills but wow. I cant even tell you what I have learned about myself and the mind and all that jazz. I never knew that yoga could work so much on the inner self.
Also while in rotoura we went zorbing which is rolling yourself down a hill in a giant rubber ball filled with water. So fun!!! Kiwis are crazy people.

Now we are right outside of a town called Hamilton. We are staying with another member couple. They are the parents of a family we met in Nelson. They are a pretty funny old couple whose kids are all grown up so they just go on service missions for the church. They just got back from serving all over the cook islands. Here we will go to the new zealand temple, which will be really nice.

So ya. Thats the new update. Oh yea, and we are coming home August 4th!!! I am loving this crazy journey, but i must will be really nice to be home.

Peace and love!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Milli Vanilli

Well friends,

A good amount of adventure has happend since last post. Allow me to share...

So we stayed a few more days in Dunedin. Turns out we got to stay at the hostel for free because we got along really well with the owners and they let us stay for free if I gave them massages. Its was cool.
So our plan was to hitch about 4 hours from dunedin to Christchurch. Our first ride was our friend Alex that we met in Wanaka. He was the swiss guy that gave us a ride to Queenstown. He just happend to be passing by when we were hitching. It was cool. He gave us a ride about half way. After Alex we just kept going from little town to little town until we got picked up be a Semi carrying like 2oo+ sheep. That was fun. He took us to our friends in Southbridge right outside of Christchurch that we stayed with at the beginning of our journey. We were there for a few days and then headed north up to a cute beach town called Kaikora.

We were there for 2 nights. Then we hitched back down south about half way to christchurch to try and take a road to the west coast. Well it is a tiny road and not many pass on it. One of the only cars to pass us was our friend Ralph! He was one of our German friends we met in Franz Josef and then again in Dunedin. So random. He was going to blenheim, which is a few hours north of Kaikora. We were so excited to see him and didn't know if we would get picked up again on that road so we just went back up north with him.

We went to church in Blenheim. That was really nice. A member had us over for lunch and had a good chat. We also met some members who were visiting from Nelson which is 2 hours northwest of blenheim. They said if we needed a place to stay we could call them if we were in Nelson. Little did they know how much we would take them up on their offer.

We were on our way out of Blenheim getting ready to hitch and we passed a little lot with a bunch of old used cars for sale. And they were way cheap. We hadn't had they best hitching luck the past few days so a car looked pretty good. We found a red 1988 toyota camry wagon. It was pretty ghetto but it had alot of charm. We fell in love with it and just bought it on a whim from some chinese guy that barely spoke english for 650.00 nz dollars, which is about 500 american dollars. And we figured we could just sell it when we left because people do that all of the time.

Since we now had a car we decided to go to Nelson instead of to the west coast for reasons that are not important enough to explain. The car got us to Nelson just fine. We called up some our member friends the Chattertons and they took us out to dinner and then to the Hippolites to sleep. Two very awesome families. Well, the hippolites had us take our car to a mechanic because our muffler was so loud and we could get a ticket for it. Long story short, to make our car safe for the road we would need to replace all four tires, get a new muffler, fix the speedometer, and who knows what else.....

With much contemplation we have decided to junk the car. It would cost too much for us for it to be worth driving for 2 months and it guzzles gas like none other. We lovingly named it Milli Vanilli because it was not as good as it seemed and didn't last very long. We took it around town to junk yards and no one even wanted it!!

So we decided to just leave it somewhere and take the plates as souvineirs. That was the plan until the wonderful Roma Hippolite talked to a mechanic at church. He said that he would take it and fix it up and then give it to someone in the branch that could use it! See, now it wasn't such a waste of money after all!

So we have been staying in Nelson at the hippolites for almost a week now. They are such a fun couple. Their kids are away at school so they love having us around to entertain them. A few kids just got in today because they are on a school break. We are havin a grand ol time. Now since this post is way too long I will post later about our magical trip to abel tasman national park where we slept with possums!!

Ok, until next time!! much love!

Friday, June 20, 2008

quick lil update

Hello, friends!

Wow, I have so much to write its kindof overwhelming. I guess all I can do is give you some highlights.

We have almost made it all the way around the south island. Right now we are in Dunedin. Its a cute city that "they" say that it is comparable to endinburgh in scotland. To me it kinda looks like san fran. Which is neat.

Since the last post we have done quite a bit. We left graymouth and headed south on the west coast. We got picked up by a magical man named oli. He is from the north island. He used to be a forest ranger and now is just bummin around, living out of his van. His van is sweet. He has got stones and feathers and artifacts from all of his adventures for decorations. He carries a martin travel guitar and we had some good times with that. We traveled with him for two days. We hiked around some glaciers and chris and him went skinnydipping in the most beautiful lake i have ever been to.
oh and in graymouth we explored a cave. we got wetsuits and all that and jumped down waterfalls inside the cave, and tubed down a river while looking up and seeing glow worms. So cool.

He dropped us off in a little ski town called Wanaka and then we were off again. We met a swiss guy and traveled with him to queenstown.
In queenstown we bungy jumped off of the very first offical bungy jumping site. It was unreal. We got to jump together. Which was awesome. One of the coolest kisses i have ever had. And its in a gorge over a river so you get dipped in the water. Seriously, unreal.

We went to the Milford Sound. Wow. So beautiful. And dolphins swam next to our boat. Again, unreal.
Then we traveled down to invercargill then to the catlin forest and went to the beaches and waterfalls there. We chilled with some sea lions which were so cute.

They we made our way up to dunedin. Tonight there is a winter festival with lights and bands and all sorts of cool things. So that should be fun. Tomorrow we head back up to christchurch and chill there for a bit and then tour the upper half of the south island.

So yea. We are having the time of our lives. and ive never felt this way before. yeah i swear, its the truth, and i owe it all to you................(there is my shout out to footloose)

Friday, June 6, 2008

A storm is a-brewin

So we made it! I am in love with this place. I dont know if I am coming back.

We had an early flight from Utah to LA. 6am.... but it was alright. I don't even remember it now that i think about it. Our dear friend, Michael, picked us up from the LA airport and showed us around town. We went to the chinese theatre and I got my pick with Gene Kelly's hand print, drove around downtown, went to the beach, and all that good stuff. And then at 9pm we were off to NZ!

We got into Aukland at about 6am. We were so tired and disoriented we didnt really know what to do. We wandered around town until we found a hostel and it was too early to check in so we just crashed on the couch in the lobby. The front desk lady was so sweet that she put a blanket on us when we were sleeping.

We were in Aukland for about 2 days. We walked around town, went to the top of the highest tower in the southern hemisphere and hiked a volcano. Not too bad for our first days in town.

Turns out it is cheaper to fly to the south island than take abus or train, so we flew to christchurch and were greeted by the lovely Andrew Winchester. He is a friend of my old roommate and dear friend, Kristin. His family was so sweet and took us in for a few days while we mainly slept and overcame our jet lag.

After a few days there we were getting antsy to see the sights, so we got dropped off on a street corner and hitched hiked into the souther alps of the south island. Known to some lord of the ring fans as the misty mountains. The landscape is amazing. we stayed a night in the mountains at athurs pass, hiked up to a water fall and were off.

we hitched to a town on the west coast called greymouth and here i sit. there is a huge rainstorm going on so its kind of a bummer. but what can ya do? we will be here for a few days to go to church and explore a wee bit and then who knows where else.

so that is the latest update. chris and i are loving it so far, even though we haven't done too much. its enough just to sit here and say "what the crap? i am in new zealand!!!"

love you all!
until next time!

and as they say in new zealand,
Bye! haha....get it.... cause they speak the same language as us.....

Friday, May 30, 2008

New Zealand, here we come!

Alright, Kids.

The journey begins. Well, almost. In the morning, Chris and I are off to LA and then from LA to Aukland, NZ! Our flight leaves at 6am. Ouch. But its all good. We will spend the day in LA kickin it with some friends and then we leave for NZ at 9pm.

Although I am not looking forward to the 12 hour flight, I am looking forward to traveling through time. I will magically skip a day. I will go from the 31st of may to the 2nd of June. Where does that day go? Perhaps to another dimension. Not outer space, but the space between spaces..... (thank you Indiana Jones)

So, stay tuned for our adventures and wiley Schinnannigans.

Much love.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The adventures of Timmy.

Once upon a time, there was a kite named, Timmy. Timmy was given to Princess Randi by Prince Chris to celebrate her 22nd year of reignment on this earth. Timmy brought joy and merriment to all who flew him. Chris and Randi would travel with Timmy over hill and dale, just to watch him dance in the wind.

Sir Devin, a mere jester of the Kingdom, would often accompany them on these fair outings.

Timmy brought joy but also a challange to all who flew him. He definately brought out the best and worst of a man. This kept everything in its balance.

On the hillside of Logan Palace one day, there were many members of the Royal Family enjoying quality time together. While the wind was blowing in its perfect hour, someone unexpected came to upset this ebb and flow of Timmy's purpose.

An evil Palace guard came storming onto the hill using all sorts of loudness and corruptness.
"This is a Palace, not a park!!!" he screamed over and over in the most unessesary of tones. "You must all leave at once!"

So, even though they were all members of the Royal Family, participating in beautiful Royal Family activities, the merriment was destroyed.

What will happen to the Kingdom now that Timmy is not there to serve and direct? Will Timmy ever fly again? Who was this evil Palace guard and why did he have the power over the Royal Family?

Stay tuned to find out what happens next on The Adventures of Timmy!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Over the Ice and through the Ocean

That is right, kids. A lot has happend since I last posted..... a few of my wildest dreams have come true.
Number one: I finally got my zamboni ride. How many of you, everytime you went to a hockey game or went ice skating dreamed of riding on the Zamboni. Well, Chris suprised me with a Zamboni ride before one of our curling games. And yes, it was magical, exciting, and everything one could imagine it to be. I feel complete.

Number two: If you have not heard yet.... Chris and I are moving to New Zealand for the summer months. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have been obsessed with New Zealand since I was about 17 years old. I have attempted to go a few times but it never worked out. Well, now my friends, my dream is coming true! I own a plane ticket to New Zealand with my name on it!! No more lonely nights searching for plane tickets to New Zealand, finding a good one, taking out my credit card, switching off looking at the screen and looking at my card contemplating the pro's and con's, having the con's win and sadly placing the card back in my wallet. I am going, baby! We don't really have a plan once we get there. All we know is that we got holiday working visas and adventurous souls. What else do you need? So off we go June 2nd!!!

Number 3: Come saturday the 29th I will be a Healing Mountain Massage School graduate, on my way to becoming nationally certified! Aw yea....

So I have not yet figured out how to get my personal pics up yet, so you will have to wait on seeing hot pics of me and chris. But they are a-comin!

peace for now