Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Birthday...It's Birthday Time

That's right, people, it's Birthday Time. Well, it was on April 17th. I turned the mighty age of 24. And in honor of my coming of age and journeying further into the depths of adulthoodness....

....I had a Princess Party!

Those of you that have know me most of my life know that I have never been much of a girly girl. I don't like pink, I don't know how to do my hair, I didn't own Barbies, and I have never had a Princess Party. As I have been embracing my adulthoodness, I have also been embracing my girliness. And ya know what? I like it. Being a girl is fun! And I have pictures to prove it.

But let me start at the beginning of my day.

My wonderful parents sent me a mandolin in the mail! I have always wanted to learn and have merriment with one, and so now I can! It's name is Randolin the Mandolin. It came with a Disney Princess Birthday card that played a cheesy Happy Birthday Princess song sung by some chick. It was perfect.

(those are packing peanuts I'm swimming in, FYI)

I share my birthday with my acting professor and director of Assassins, Mr. Kevin Doyle. So, in our Shakespeare class we had cake and bagels and looked at fun pictures.

And then I was serenaded by my brother-in-law's band Veiwers Like You on the Quad for A-Day.
Here is the band and their fans skankin' it up. A little birthday skank, if you will. If you are unfamiliar with what "skanking" is, you can find the definition HERE.

And after much anticipation and dollar store purchases, I give you The Princess Party.

Everyone was asked to dress up as a princess of sorts. Even the men were encouraged to embraced their inner princess.

Princess Gertrude (Pete) and I

Sleeping Beauty (Chris) and Cinderella (Jer)
Princess Adam and Princess Nate
Princesses Chelsea, Brooke, and Hannah
Princess Peach (Wave)
Princess Brooke with Wagner the Jester
And there were many others that I didn't get pictures of.

We had a merry time playing Kiss the Prince. The boys looked dashing in lipstick.

But Kelly, as the Pretty Prince of Parties, won Eric's heart.

Another highlight was The Wishing Well. If you tossed in a coin and pulled out a ribbon as whimsical music played from Wave's cell phone, you found an enchanted Princess fortune at the end of your ribbon of choice. It was halarious.

See the beautiful Princess Nate guarding Ye Old Wishing Well.

The party ended by partaking of the amazing princess cake Chelsea made for me. The flowers on the cake were a gift from Chris earlier that day and the candles were, well, all we could find.

Everyone was given a little party bag as they left, filled with goodies that any Princess would need!

And for a perfect ending to a perfect day, Chris and I ventured up to Old Main and became "True Aggies" together. It is an old tradition at Utah State to become a True Aggie. This happens by kissing someone on top of the "A" on a certain night at midnight each semester. Chris and I have been meaning to do this for quite some time since we both were not True Aggies.

When we arrived there was a huge line and and a huge crowd around the A. I flashed some ID and we got to go to the front of the line, with it being my birthday and all. As we got to the top of the A, I shouted to the crowd, "It's my birthday!" And as we kissed we had cheers from the crowd screaming Happy Birthday. It was magical.

So, there you have it. My 24th birthday. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and the joyous celebration. It was the perfect day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stay Cool

Watch this. I hope it rocks your socks.

Click here: Stay Cool

Consider my socks rocked.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today I realized one of my childhood dreams came true, without even knowing that it did. I love it when this happens.Do you remember Inspector Gadget? I'm not talking about the box office hit with Matthew Broderick. I'm talking about the old school cartoon. With the blonde, pig tailed Penny, the annoying but kinda cute sidekick dog Brain, and the mysterious, evil hand of Dr. Claw.

I remember being so envious of Penny and her "book". You know her little computer book that supplied her with all of the information she needed in an instant. Seriously, as a kid I wanted that book so bad. It was new, different, magical.

I never dreamed that someday, I would have one on my own.

Thank you, Mac, for making my dreams come true.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Isn't it about....time?

So, I suppose I should post. I really do enjoy posting so I don't know why I don't do it more often. Could it be my busy life with a dash of laziness? Perhaps.

Oh in my last post I mentioned that I would post about my Valentine's day and the play. Well, I feel that the moment has past so I will just say that I had an amazing Valentine's day and I love Chris.

And here is a picture of me as Squeaky Fromme with my partner in crime, Aubry as Sarah Jane Moore, in the musical Assassins.

And now on to more exciting things in life. My fish tank. For my birthday last year Chris got me a beta fish and two crabs because we can't have pets at our apartment. We named the fish Gandalf and the crabs Ren and Stimpy. Sadly, Ren and Stimpy are no longer with us because of bad parenting. I guess we were supposed to have a plant for them to climb that went above the water so they could get air. Well, we had a plant but it didn't quite reach the top. We always found them at the top of the plant and we thought, "Oh, it's so cute how much they like that plant." Little did we know they were gasping for air, trying to stay alive.

A few weekends ago Chris, Devin, and I went to Petco to look at the dogs up for adoption. We totally fell in love with one of the dogs and it was painful that we couldn't take her home. So, as an attempt to ease the pain we bought a friend for Gandalf. Mainly because it's called a White Mystery Snail. I mean, how could you resist that? We named him Shadowfax. Thats right. I am a Lord of the Rings nerd.

Here they are living in harmony together. It's beautiful, really. The Petco lady told us that snails eat cucumbers. What the what? How mysterious. So we put it to the test.

We watched Shadowfax chase that cucumber for over and hour. I know. But trust me, it was entertaining. Eventually we went to bed but the next morning, success!

And in a week that baby was gone! Oh, that Shadowfax...

So, ya. I think thats enough excitment for one post.