Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy anniversary to me!!

Well kids, its offical.... I have been married for one month today!! hazzah!!!
Here are things I have learned in the first month:
*Being married is SO much better than being engaged
*Cooking = good times.... who knew?
*health insurance is a B.
*adjusting to living with a boy was insanely easy
*Being indepenently dependent is a good way to be.
*I have a hot bod.
*If I feel like having a midnight waffle/Harry Potter party, I can, and no one is going to stop me!
*I am so paranoid about getting pregnant that I was craving pickles one night so I took a pregancy test....
*taking pregnancy tests are kind never know what you are going to get!
*my husband is da bomb dot com. I heart him.

Thats is for now. I will be posting some hot pics in the near future.
peace in the middle east


aric & jess said...

I am so happy to hear how blissfully happy you are! did Chris already know them or did you introduce them to him. This is stuff I gots ta know!

Oh how I loved the Randi days, anytime you want to road trip, you know where we live and you know where your room is...actually we moved it to the basement, in any case we'd LOVE to have you!

Kelly O. Cardon said...

HAPPY (belated) ANNIVERSARY! Glad to hear you're stupendously happy! And that you've discovered your hot bod!

Rob said...

Randi...You got married!!! Congratulations. I saw your video it was great. Way to go.

T.R. said...

oh also: Am I the only one who understands the "little wooden boy" reference? SPOOOOOON, everyone!