Thursday, November 20, 2008

When in Rome....


So I have been tagged by the wonderful and talented Mr David. I will do this but I don't know how exciting it will be for everyone.

1. I collect garden gnomes. My secret obsession started when I was a wee lass and used to watch David the Gnome on Nick Jr. It continued as a secret until I randomly told someone and they stole one from someone's yard for me. The trend caught on and my friends started frequently stealing them from lawns to give to me. That doesn't happen anymore. But I do buy one when I see one. And I always take gifts...

2. I used to make up dances to the entire soundtrack of Disney movies and then make my parents pay 50 cents to watch me.

3. My mom and I swing dance in public places whenever we hear music.

4. When my husband is not home I blast The Black Eyed Peas and dance around my house.

5. I tried to dress like Punky Brewster and Clarissa from Clarissa explains it all when I was younger. I guess that explains my lack of ability to match.

6. My favorite T.V. show is "The Adventures of Pete and Pete."

7. I openly have a crush on Tina Fey.

There you have it. I am so interesting....

And I tag:
Kelly Greenwood
Mama Turley

Don't feel obligated to do this. It's just for kicks.

And if you care to check it out, I had to make a travel-type blog for my English class. It only has one post right now. Maybe someday it will have more but if you want to check it out it is here.



SpAz said...

That was phenomenally exciting. Like beyond.

jessica said...

Aric and I take the girls out during the summer and "gnome ditch" people...we attach a note that says if they don't proudly display their gnome where everyone can see it in their yard, bad things will begin to happen to their yard.

Too bad you don't live close we would totally "gnome ditch" you.

Kelly O. said...

Um, this post is hilarious! I need to introduce you to my cousin whom you remind me of very much. She just did this tag and I just think you two would be the bestest friends. Go to my blog and click on Annie & Randon Wilkins. It's a must!