Monday, December 8, 2008

This post is coming a little late but better late than never right? Right.

For Thanksgiving this year, Chris and I ventured half way across the country to the lovely and exotic..... Lincoln, Nebraska! Chris's brother, Dan, is going to grad school out there and him and his lovely wife,Courtney, were kind enough to let us take over their house for a few days.

Twas a grand trip. We started driving with 3 of Chris's other siblings, Devin, Katie, and Jeff, at 1:30 am! After a long, long journey we arrived in Lincoln around 4:00 pm. The next morning we woke up at 7:00 am to experience the football field of the Corn Huskers. Someone from the ward in Lincoln had some hook ups and arranged for the members to be able to play football on this legendary field Thanksgiving morning. People here treat this football team like a religion and so it was a life long dream for a lot of these people to be on this field to play. We didn't play football. We just wondered around being cold and tired, but it was still neat.

After the football fun we all crashed and slept for a while. Once we awoke, we all chipped in and prepared one of the best Thanksgiving meals I have ever had. Good work, everyone.
Chris and his brothers have a tradition of beating Super Mario 3 every Thanksgiving so that was also going on and off all day until it was done.

The theme of this Thanksgiving was "Forget Parents." And boy did we. We drove whenever we wanted, ate whatever and whenever we wanted, and played hours and hours of video games. This was our time.

I fell in love and became obsessed with Rudy. He is Dan and Courtney's dog. Honestly, he is the cutest dog in the world. I want a dog so badly it hurts but our landlord won't let us have one, so Rudy filled my dog wanting void. All I wanted to do was cuddle him 24/7. He was mainly a tease but I got a few good moments.

The next day, after Courtney and I braved the stores on black Friday, we went shootin. I have a lousy shot, so I chilled with Rudy and was moral support. Don't worry, all we shot were clay pigeons.

Don't mess with the Martins

On Saturday we decided to be a little cultured and we went to the Natural History Museum. I have to admit I was impressed. Education ensued.....

On Sunday we had a looooooooong drive home. But we only got caught in one storm and we made it back in one piece.

Thank you, Nebraska for the good times. Until we meet again...


jessica said...

Sounds like fun! I think you should totally use the picture of you holding those rifles for your Christmas card...

I'm so glad you've been reading my blog and keeping up with all of our craziness...I miss you!

Courtney said...

That was a way fun weekend! Thanks for making the long drive! Rudy misses you!

Emily said...

Looks like you guys had fun! If we didn't have three join the fun.