Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't worry...I won't quit my day job.

I have finally done what I was born to do. And I know you all have thought it.

I am a model. That is correct. I model for Ankara by Chelsea. You can check out my hot pic HERE .

It's pretty cool how is got this gig. I mean, she just saw me and said, "Will you model my aprons?" And she is my friend in my ward that I hang out with on a regular basis...but thats not the point.

But seriously, folks, check out her site. She has some great stuff. And she is a really cool girl that deserves business.

Go HERE to win the hot apron I am wearing and see another glamorous shot of yours truly. They definitely cropped this picture to show off my best attributes. The offer of winning the apron is only good today so check it out!


moonpie said...

weird how both you and matt have starring really are a family of celebrities I hope you know!

jessica said...

I love how you are rockin' the cooking skills in that apron! You are hot...

Seeing you only made me miss you more than I already did. I knew I would love Chris, but seriously I LOVE him. Please come and visit!