Friday, May 30, 2008

New Zealand, here we come!

Alright, Kids.

The journey begins. Well, almost. In the morning, Chris and I are off to LA and then from LA to Aukland, NZ! Our flight leaves at 6am. Ouch. But its all good. We will spend the day in LA kickin it with some friends and then we leave for NZ at 9pm.

Although I am not looking forward to the 12 hour flight, I am looking forward to traveling through time. I will magically skip a day. I will go from the 31st of may to the 2nd of June. Where does that day go? Perhaps to another dimension. Not outer space, but the space between spaces..... (thank you Indiana Jones)

So, stay tuned for our adventures and wiley Schinnannigans.

Much love.


it's me, andrea. said...

Yipee for you! It was so good to see you two tonight. Email me when you get there and keep me motivated to visit next month. Be safe. Hugs and such. P.S. my 'word verification' that I'm about to do to approve this comment starts with NZ. Ironic?

Mardy Berlinger said...

I'm looking forward to reading along during your adventure. Finally someone to live vicariously through while I am stuck in Grand Forks. Randi, I haven't seen you in a while, but I can just about hear you when I read this...which made me laugh quite a bit. Take care and travel safe.

la fashionista said...

I totally miss you already, and I hope you have multiple cool in-flight movies.

Oh just Ehu. said...

What's up Randi! Dude, that's so freakin' awesome!! I wish I were goin' with ya to Aotearoa!! I'm jealous!! TAKE LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF PHOTOS, so I can pretend that I went also.