Friday, June 6, 2008

A storm is a-brewin

So we made it! I am in love with this place. I dont know if I am coming back.

We had an early flight from Utah to LA. 6am.... but it was alright. I don't even remember it now that i think about it. Our dear friend, Michael, picked us up from the LA airport and showed us around town. We went to the chinese theatre and I got my pick with Gene Kelly's hand print, drove around downtown, went to the beach, and all that good stuff. And then at 9pm we were off to NZ!

We got into Aukland at about 6am. We were so tired and disoriented we didnt really know what to do. We wandered around town until we found a hostel and it was too early to check in so we just crashed on the couch in the lobby. The front desk lady was so sweet that she put a blanket on us when we were sleeping.

We were in Aukland for about 2 days. We walked around town, went to the top of the highest tower in the southern hemisphere and hiked a volcano. Not too bad for our first days in town.

Turns out it is cheaper to fly to the south island than take abus or train, so we flew to christchurch and were greeted by the lovely Andrew Winchester. He is a friend of my old roommate and dear friend, Kristin. His family was so sweet and took us in for a few days while we mainly slept and overcame our jet lag.

After a few days there we were getting antsy to see the sights, so we got dropped off on a street corner and hitched hiked into the souther alps of the south island. Known to some lord of the ring fans as the misty mountains. The landscape is amazing. we stayed a night in the mountains at athurs pass, hiked up to a water fall and were off.

we hitched to a town on the west coast called greymouth and here i sit. there is a huge rainstorm going on so its kind of a bummer. but what can ya do? we will be here for a few days to go to church and explore a wee bit and then who knows where else.

so that is the latest update. chris and i are loving it so far, even though we haven't done too much. its enough just to sit here and say "what the crap? i am in new zealand!!!"

love you all!
until next time!

and as they say in new zealand,
Bye! haha....get it.... cause they speak the same language as us.....


la fashionista said...

Say hi to Jemaine and Bret for me. I misses you and don't want you to stay there forever.

Kelly G said...

I am glad to hear all is well!! And I am overjoyed that you saw the Misty Mountains. Joy Capacity- EXCEEDED. And don't lose that danged ring, Frodo! May you make it to the bowels of Mordor in peace. Loves to my friends.

it's me, andrea. said...

should i come...should i not are you not working with the winchester family? Are you already done with christchurch? P.S. I almost said "thats what she said" somewhere in this comment...i'm a dirty dirty girl. I'm glad it's so awesome!

Kelly G said...

Gandalf is good- we get along great! I tell him all my secrets. Thank yew for your comment on my last blogging. I miss you guys like eggs miss the opportunity to become fertilized and develop into baby chickens. Exactly like that.