Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alright. I am a bit behind on the updates in my life. Things have been crazy! I am a full time student, have my own business, teach primary, and have had a lead part in a play that rehearses at least 15 hours a week. Along with trying to keep the house clean and do all my homework. Oh ya, and spend time with Chris.

But amongst the business Chris and I have had the blessing of falling in love.....with two other couples. Nate and Heidi Eiman and Adam and Chelsea Brewerton. Ever since we met them at the beginning of January in our ward and we have been spending time with them almost everyday since. We all got rock climbing memberships separately and started climbing together. From there we went snowshoeing and then started finding excuses for parties. And now we just hang out because we want to. It's been such a blessing for Chris and I to meet and get close to other couples up here in Logan. And through these couples we have met so many other great people in our ward and I am finally feeling like I am getting settled in this town.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all of my other friends inside and outside of Logan. But this post is just a special shout out to my new special friends. Here are some hot pics.

Here is Heidi and me trying to be apron models for Chelsea's website. Look at us all home-makey!

Happy Birthday to Nate!

The awesome Whiting family that we go to know through the Brewertons. They had us all up at their cabin in the Uintahs for cross country skiing.

Heidi and Adam whipping up crepes at our International Crepe Day and Groundhog's day party.

Nate, Adam, Chris playing a heated game of Risk....that lasted forever....but Chris won.

Chelsea and Heidi cross country skiin' it up.

We love you guys and thank you for being our friends!


jessica said...

Once you are married it can be tricky finding friends together. It took us a while to find couples to be really good friends with. It makes life so much more fun when you have people to partay with...

I'm so happy that you have found true love with other couples...

I like to think that Aric and I are the first couple you fell in love with...

moonpie said...

whats your business all about? love the primary teacher thing, thats rad!

Anonymous said...

If I had an apron that cute I would want to cook too. Does it make the food yummier if you look good while making it?