Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Surprise Visitors!

My apologies for the absence of my writings. I made a goal to post more frequently but I have been sucking at it. Ah life... but over the past month or so I have been blessed with the presence of some amazing friends and family members.

The lovely and talented Kilene Cardon got married at the end of January. I love it when people from Fargo get married because it is a huge reunion of everyone I grew up with. It was so good to see everyone. But the biggest surprise was to see Jessica Albrecht!! My brother, Matt, showed up with her as his date. She was my Young Women's leader growing up but more than that, one of my dearest friends. I even lived with her and her cute family in Spokane, Washington. I have not seen her since I lived with her like 4 years ago. I can't even express how good it was to see her. I love her dearly.

I am sad that Jessica didn't bring her husband, Aric, but Matt wasn't. I caught Matt wooing Jessica on the dance floor. Don't they look guilty?

Speaking of Matt's dating life... the next time I would see Matt was when he was coming up to see me in the play Assassins at Utah State. It was on Valentine's Day. I had made reservations at a restaurant for six. Me and Chris, my friends Brooke and Wagner, and Matt and his date "Michelle." The plan was to all meet up at the restaurant. Well, as I walk to meet Matt and Michelle, Michelle turned out the be the one and only Micheal J. Olsen! I can't beleive my dad flew all the way here to see me in the show! My mom came earlier in the week to see the show but that was because she had already planned a ski trip out here. Twas grand to see her, as usual. But my father was a complete surprise. I loved it! I really have the best parents in the world. Some of my extended family made it to the show as well. A big hug and thank you to them.

The reason I didn't do this post earlier was because I have been waiting for my dad to send me the pictures he took but his computer crashed or something and I can't wait any longer. So this one will have to do.

We had a big brunch type party the following Sunday. Chris's brother and sister and friends also came up for the weekend so we had a full house. I loved it!

And the last surprise visit I shall mention is none other than Drew Danburry himself. Accompanied by his darling wife. Some of you may know of Drew. He is a wonderful musician that I have known for, oh, about 4 or 5 years. He is always on tour and I have had the pleasure of housing him a few times. From Spokane, to Fargo, to Logan. It was so nice to see him and Lynette. I love you guys! And Lynette gave me an awesome purse she made. You should check out her stuff HERE. You will love it. And check out Drew's blog HERE. He has a great new music video posted.

This is an old school pic of Drew and I in Spokane.

So thank you all for those that came to visit this past month. It was so exciting and crazy and fun! You guys are the best. And soon I shall post about the play I was in and the rest of Valentine's day. I didn't want to jam pack this post too much.

Peace and love.


jessica said...

Oh it was such a grand time. I loved seeing you! I loved seeing all the Fargo peeps. And I loved being Matt's date! I wish I could have seen "Michelle" and your mom, that is the only thing that would have made that trip better.

Love you!

MandiScandal said...

dear randi,

your brother is hot.



SpAz said...

You looked so amazing in your gypsy outfit. Mmm, yes.

Did you get my love letter to you?

Kelly O. said...

so are you ready for s'more surprise visitors? we plan on being in logan sometime this month!! (i know exact dates but not sure if you prefer the surprises :)

KG said...

That is an awesome pictoral of you with your friend Drew. So hippie... so hot. I want to be like you.

Drew Danburry said...

wow. more evidence of my ever-changing wardrobe and or hair or lack thereof....what next? thank you so much Randi. You are a great friend.