Friday, May 1, 2009

Makeover Summer

One of the many little quirks I have is that I like to make themes for my summers. It started when I lived in Jackson Hole for a summer. I entitled that summer "The Summer of Adventure." And you have to raise your fist in excitement as you say it. Then there was "Summit Summer" where my goal was to summit a bunch of peaks. There was "Mission Summer," when I went on my mission. Last summer was "Mission: Frodo Summer," that was spent in New Zealand.

This summer is.........(drum roll)..........."Makeover Summer!" What do I mean by Makeover Summer, you ask? Well, let me explain.

*First things first, get my body in gear. We are all feeling it. The extra layers of warmth we all gain in the winter months are starting to be unnecessary. So, with my new road bike, climbing gear, yoga mat, and sunny weather, I plan on having the hottest bod this side of the Mississippi by summer's end.

*Second, my eating habits. This past semester I took a basic nutrition class at USU. It rocked my socks and I learned a buttload. I plan on giving my refrigerator a makeover and applying all of the wonderful things I learned in my NFS class. Which I have been doing and have seen a big difference in myself already. And maybe even start food storage?! Whoa.

*Thirdly, my house. Now, I'm not talking extreme home makeover. I just want to de-clutter my house and be in love with how every room looks. I am really excited about this one. Over these past two semesters Chris and I have been so busy that how the house looks gets really neglected. We have so many piles of papers from school all over the place. Well, schools out, baby, so those papers are going to fly! Into the recycling, of course.

*Fourth, my wardrobe. For the most part, I am pleased with how I dress. But, I am 24, people. I still wear clothes I've had since Jr. High. There is a part of me that is a little scared to wear nicer clothes for reasons I'm sure only a therapist could tell me, but I'm ready to step it up a bit. Not wear pajamas everyday. Maybe do my hair a little more often. Wear eye liner. Buy heels.

*And lastly, a hodgepoge of mini goals, like taking time to pamper myself, not wasting away hours of my precious life on facebook, clean the car and keep it clean, pay off my credit card, read a lot of books, write for fun, garden, write songs and get back into the music scene, build up my massage clientelle, and all that jazz.

So, I'm pretty excited for this summer. Utah is the best place for summer, I think, and we don't have too many Utah summers left before we graduate and move on in life.

I am officically done with finals and so Makeover Summer has begun! I even gave my blog backround a makeover, if you didn't notice.

And I challange you to have your own Makeover Summer because it's fun to improve and switch things up a bit.



Emily said...

I wish I could make those goals and have them all come to pass. Good Luck!!

K. Diane said...

Look at you! I are proud. Is your motivation contagious? If so, come cough on me, please. Also, what a pretty new layout.

jessica said...

I love your theme...I wish I lived closer, I could help you in the home makeover and clothes makeover department...and two, so I could be motivated by your enthusiasm. Have fun and enjoy your makeover summer!

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Reading your blog I guess I am on a makeover summer too! If you want we should put together a group or blog to help encourage each other! You go girl!

Oh and I was in Logan the other day... yep the new boy is from there... I guess I will be there more often...We will be getting together.

Tina said...

Hey you! Can I just say, I love you! You even made me excited for a summer makeover! I was listening to your cd at work tonight! Made me remember the good ol days! Beth! Drink some broth! ?? I think that was the line! Miss you!