Friday, January 8, 2010

Project 365: Round one

So, I'm doing it.

My good friend, Andrea, gave me the idea with her entertaining blog and many moons ago I decided I was going to do it when the New Year came. So, it's the New Year.

What does this mean for you, my faithful readers? Well, for 365 days, I will attempt
to take at least one picture a day and blog about it once a week. So, let's say every Friday-ish, expect to get a recap of the week before.

Why I am doing such a thing? I don't know. I think it will be fun. Some of my many New Years Resolutions are to just be purely myself more publicly (I know that is a weird resolution but it makes sense to me) and to blog more and make it more entertaining for myself and those that read. So, this is a great way to kills two birds, if you will. Also, I got a new digital camera for Christmas! Hazzah!

So get ready for RAW, UNEDITED, ALL RANDI, ALL THE TIME!!!!! Just like you always wanted...

January First
I was lucky enough to ring in the New Year with Tor-kul-na. A beloved creature from the nerdiest game I have experienced in real life. Heroscape. It's like a mix of Risk and Dungeons
and Dragons. It also takes at least an hour to just set up! No, I have not played it. No, I will not play it. But, but my husband has and did THREE times on New Years Day with his siblings. Happy New Year.

January Second
I have a history of being very connected to the cars I drive. From the Lobster Superstar to Glory Moses, I have decorated my car with the same nicknacks and buttons to really make it my own. A week before I got married, Chris and I both crashed Glory Moses (at
separate times and within a few hours of each other) that eventually lead to his death. So we started our marriage with a black, 1999 VW Jetta named Olga. She's a great car and has been really good to us, but for some reason, I never decorated her like she was my own. Well, two years later, after a deep clean and an oil change, I decided it was time. Buddha and lawn gnome are now proudly displayed, along with some buttons up on the roof and beads and hemp necklaces around the rearview mirror.

January Third
My good friend from Fargo, Jenny, and her boyfriend came out to Utah to experience the greatest snow on earth. Chris has a season pass to Powder Mountain for work, so we went there. It was my first run of the season, so there were some falls and some swears, but it was a grand time for all. Luckily, we got to take advantage of the hot tub at Jenny and Dave's hotel afterward.

January Fourth
Attention all ladies. For all of those that suffer from lady-time cramps, meet your new best friend. No, it's not what you think it is. It's better. And legal. It's Red Raspberry leaf tea. I have been taking an online herbology course and this is where I learned of this magical plant. I had some of this tea this week and it has worked wonders! I encourage all to partake. It is also good for pregnant women and aids in all female reproductive issues.

January Fifth
So, I couldn't figure out how to flip this around. Whateves. Behold the newest member of the Martin Family. I have had the same backpacking backpack for a real long time. Although I did love my Gregory Palisade, I couldn't help but lust over the new Osprey packs. And thanks to our addiction to checking, I was able to get one for quite the discount. I could not resist. Too bad it's so cold out. I can't wait to use this bad boy in the out of doors.

January Sixth
Our oven has been broken since the end of September. Three of the burners worked, so we have been able to manage, but we haven't been able to bake anything for months. This saddens me, what with it being cookie baking season and all. But finally, our landlord delivered a newish oven. Chris had a hard time parting with our retro green oven. It really added character to our kitchen and matched our lovely green sink. Although it was hard for him to say goodbye, he handled it like a champ.

January Seventh
Here is one of my homemade business cards/punch card for my little massage business. I was a little afraid of venturing off on my own with massage but it has been going really well. I gave three massages this day and two of them rescheduled! Good times for all!

So there you have it. My first week of Project 365. I hoped you enjoyed it. I did. And next week, more merriment shall ensue. Until then, good day and good night.


David Hulet said...

HAHAHAHAHA. My little brother totally owns HeroScape. And he's made me play it. Dumbest game ever. And yes it takes like an hour to set up. Loves it, I do.

Chris Martin said...

I've lost weight since I started playing Heroscape. Just saying.

Mommy West said...

Love it! Looking forward to more of your lovely adventures!

Mrs Ana said...

Sorry Randi I'm being a blog snoop! Anyway, My Sam loves heroscape and I'm glad to see someone else knows about it. I don't get the darn game at all!!! I guess I'm not nerdy enough. Also thanks for the tip about the Tea. Love how you call it "Lady Cramps".Also, Love the idea about a picture a day. Love you!