Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project 365: Catch Up

So... it turns out this is harder than I thought. Well, it's not hard, I just keep forgetting and not having time to post. So, sorry this will be a little longer than usual but let me just get up to date.

January Eighth
Our good friend, Seth Hanks, came to town with his band, The Archer's Apple. They played a grand ol' show and it was so good to see him.

January Ninth
I am in love. This is my new favorite ice cream. I try to stay away from dairy products, but man. This is heaven in ice cream form.

January Tenth
Christmas is officially over. This isn't a good picture but we finally dropped our tree off to go to the Christmas Tree lot in the sky. Fare thee well,old friend.

January Eleventh
Today was our two year anniversary of being wed! It was also the first day of the new semester, so we decided to keep it simple. We went to Borders and picked out an amazing vegetarian cookbook called The Moosewood Cookbook. So, we went home, made some dinner (two-rice stuffed squash and roasted pecan brussel sprouts), watched a chick flick, and had a wonderful evening together. I love Chris so much. I can't believe I ended up with a guy like him.

January Twelfth
So, Chris and I have a tendency to get hooked on certain games. One of the latest is Doodle Jump. You can get it for your itouch. I love it and this is my highest score ever! I have not gotten remotely close since. It isn't as high as Chris, but it will do. I know I'm a nerd.

January Thirteenth
To try and aid in getting rid of the extra holiday fluff we had acquired over the holidays, we decided to go on a three day apple juice cleanse. We ate and juiced a buttload of apples. Surprisingly, it was a very positive experience and I still like apples.

January Fourteenth
Logan may have crappy, polluted winters,
but sometimes it is absolutely gorgeous. I love it when the fog freezes around the trees and everything turns into an icicle.

January Fifteenth
Another icicle picture. I love it.

January Sixteenth
Right before I got married, I got to live with the best roommates I've ever had. Chris and I met up with two of them, Kristin and Andrea, and their boys at Typhoon at the Gateway. I miss them greatly and it was so good to see them. Never a dull moment with those two.

January Seventeenth
For the long weekend, we went and chilled in Springville with the fam. Sunday was spent playing another game we are addicted to. Plants vs. Zombies. It's how we de-stress ok?

January Eighteenth
We went out to eat and to a movie with Chris's family on MLK day. We ate at Ginger's Cafe, which happens to be one of my favorite places on earth and where Chris and I went on our first
date. It's on Main Street in Springville. Check it out.

January Nineteenth
Now, I'm not gluten intolerant, but this pizza crust is wonderful. We make it at least once a week with our homemade pizza sauce and fresh vegetables. I love it.

January Twentieth
I successfully beat Plants vs. Zombies! And when you beat the game they play a music video where a sunflower sings and all the zombies dance. It's pretty great.

January Twenty-first
Thursday was our date night. We went to eat at the delicious Beehive Grill and then went to Avatar in 3D. It rocked my socks. And we looked pretty fine in our 3D glasses, I might add.

January Twenty-second
I get to read this entire bad-boy for one of my literature classes. I'm quite the procrastinator, so I usually end up having marathon reads. I spent most of the weekend with this book.

January Twenty-Third
I also had to read this entire book by Monday for my Non-fiction writing class. Oh, the good times this semester is already bringing!

January Twenty-Fourth
I am finally getting around to growing wheatgrass! I have had the supplies for a few months now, but finally I got myself a nice patch of grass. And today I put some into my green smoothie. I like wheatgrass because it is good for me, but also, I miss seeing green this time of year. It's amazing how much this little tray of grass can boost my winter blues.

And there you have it. I decided that posting on Sundays will be a lot more convenient that posting on Fridays, so stay tuned! Hopefully I will never have to do this long of a post again.


David Hulet said...

Loving the pics for the glimpses they give into your continuing awesomeness.

Um, you went to Gateway. And DIDN'T CALL ME! What were you thinking? :(

it's me, andrea. said...

I love the wheatgrass! That was one of my favorite parts of my wedding planning, just watching all that green goodness come to life!