Friday, March 12, 2010

Project 365: From Nuckett to The Big Apple


March First
Team Nuckett rides again! About two years ago, Chris and I were on a curling team with Devin and Jer. We called ourselves Team Nuckett. Today was a magical reunion of our glorious team.

March Second
This is a curious painting in the HYPR building at USU. USU is having The Biggest Loser competition on campus and I got asked to teach a Yoga class for them. It was way fun and I wanted a better picture to represent it, but this is the best I could do.

March Third
This night I stayed at the Baird's house in SLC because I had to catch a flight to NYC in the morning. They are an incredible family that I have known my whole life. I forgot to take a picture this day, so I shot this picture of the nightstand right before I went to bed.

March Fourth
This is my dear friend Rebeka. We met at my Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica and I haven't seen her since. She lives in New Jersey and I got to stay with her. This is us at her Yoga studio, Pink Lotus.

March Fifth
Meet David. He wrote the song "Midnight at the Oasis" and is one of the nicest guys I know. Rebeka and I Yoga Studio hopped around NYC and ended up at OM Yoga for a meditation workshop taught by David. It was really wonderful and that is where Chris met up with us.

March Sixth
While Chris was stuck in a conference all day, I went to Yogaworks for a class and then strolled around Central Park. There I saw these guys putting on a break dancing show. This guy was the comedic relief. I gave him a dollar.

March Seventh
We are on Times Square! This is right outside of our Hotel Room. The university invited Chris to a conference in NYC and paid his plane ticket and put him up in the Mariott Marquee on Times Spare. So, I tagged along for the good times. It was a great weekend that I will post more about later.

Things have been way crazy this past week, and now I am a week behind in my postings but don't you worry, I will get caught up eventually. And stay tuned for a full New York update and my brother Matt's wedding!!

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jessica said...

Can't wait for the updates! Looks like New York was magical...