Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project 365: Recap

So, I've been a little overwhelmed with life lately, which has led to no Project 365 updates for a few weeks. Things have slowed down a bit, for the time being, so here are the latest snid bits of my life.


February Eighth
Aggie Blue Bikes had this little number on sale. I needed a commuter bike to ride around on when the weather is too harsh for my nicer road bike. I plan to spruce it up a bit, but this is the before pic.

February Ninth
I walk by this snowman at least once a day on my way to campus. Sadly, I have watched him melt away into nothing. Today he looked like he had been incarcerated by the sun.

February Tenth
Meet Panda. He is my USB port. I love him.

February Eleventh
Some Indian girls on campus were doing Henna tattoos to raise money for their club, so I got one. And I bought a real nice scarf.

February Twelfth
Yet another Spoon Me visit. I'm an addict.

February Thirteenth
Some of you may know of the infamous Violent Times Day party. It has been put on by my brother-in-law and his friends for years. It's another option for people to celebrate something other than Valentine's Day. Here is Chris reading his Emo poem by candlelight.

February Fourteenth
The pic didn't turn out that great, but Chris surprised me and took me to an awesome sushi place in Ogden on our way down to Salt Lake. It was oh, so delicious. Thank you, Chris. He is the best Valentine I have ever had.

February Fifteenth
We spent the night up in a cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon with the Brewerton's and their family. It's where Chelsea grew up. We just walked right up to Brighton Ski Resort, enjoyed a great powder day on the mountain, and boarded right down to the front door of the cabin when we were done. Good times were had by all.

February Sixteenth
You should be able to guess by now that we spend a lot of time with Adam and Chelsea Brewerton. Well, this night we took advantage of a party of four coupon at The Indian Oven. That's Adam sneaking into my photo.

February Seventeenth
This is a one of the desks in one of my English classrooms. If you look closely you can see a Lord of the Rings theme. It's pretty amazing.

February Eighteenth
Chris had to work this night, so I invited Kelly and Casey over to help me get caught up with Project Runway. Originally I just watched the show to keep Casey company, but I got addicted. I'm a sucker when it comes to reality TV, although I hate to admit it. That Heidi Klume... she's so hot right now.

February Twentieth
Speaking of addictions... I heart Cafe Rio salads.

February Twenty-First
Just a typical Sunday in Logan, Utah. A man riding a hot pink BMX bike in a suit through a snowy field. Classic.

February Twenty-Second
I love that "family time" consists of hanging out with Chris, Devin, and Koo. I think I married into the best family ever. Don't worry, Koo isn't a violent person all of the time. Just when she plays Carcassone.

February Twenty-Third
This was in the yard of a house we are thinking of moving into. It comes with a pancake tree! That's what I'm talkin' about.

February Twenty-Fourth
Olga got a makeover. We have been looking into getting a roof rack for a while now, and we found a sweet deal on good ol' Craig's list. Olga looks so hardcore now.

February Twenty-Fifth
Behold the eye of a tired college student.

February Twenty-Sixth
This is the coolest part of Chris's new commuter bike. We are now owners of four bikes. I never thought I would be the type of person that would want more than one kind of bike. What is happening to me?

February Twenty-Seventh
USU has this thing going on where you trade in an old sweatshirt for this sweatshirt. The sweatshirt you trade in goes to the people of Haiti. Isn't that neat? I guess it's part of Traditions Week on campus. I don't even know what that is, but I got to help Haiti and get neat hoodie out of it!

February Twenty-Eighth
I started teaching Yoga two Sundays a month at Chris's work in Brigham City. It's really cool to teach Yoga to at-risk teenage boys. We had a lot of fun today. I love my job.

Well, there you have it. Don't you feel better now that you are up to date? I know I do.

P.S. Did you notice I gave my blog a makeover? I dig it.


it's me, andrea. said...

I so wish I woulda been with you on the henna day and the spoon me day. two of my most favorite things! Thanks for catching us up. You're doing great at the whole 365 thing!

jessica said...

I'm so impressed with your commitment to this picture a day thing...I love the window it gives into your world.

So A and I have been trying to figure out how we could get out to Matt's wedding but we just got back from Florida and I don't think it's gonna happen. I am so sad. I wanted to see the Olsen clan so badly. Please give my love to everyone...