Thursday, August 14, 2008

Once you go Black.....

It is a bitter sweet feeling I suppose.
I am back in the rockin Logan City. It feels oh so good to be back but I will admit that I do miss New Zealand.

Coromandel Town was amazing. So pretty. But it was too bad that we spent most of our time indoors due to the stormage. And the rain didn't let up really until we left the country. Ah well.

We ended up taking a bus to Auckland. There we met up with an awesome couple, Debbie and Trevor. We met them about 2 months ago when we were hitchhiking on the South Island. They picked us up around the Pancake Rocks and said that if we were ever back in Auckland that we would have a place to stay. So, we called them up and ended up staying there for almost a week. They are way chill. Trevor is a life coach and Debbie is a fashion designer. They took good care of us. And Trever offered to do a life coaching session with me and it totally rocked my socks. Who knew?

After kickin it with them we stayed with some members that knew the Chattertons we stayed with in Hamilton. The Shwankies are one of the coolest families around. They serious hippies. They used to live in a big school bus and travel around the South Island, playing guitar and singing together for money. We had some good sing alongs when we were staying with them.

We also when to an All Blacks game. For those of you that don't know, rugby is like a religion in New Zealand. And the whole country has one team. The All Blacks. Their big rivalries are with South Africa and Austrailia. We got to see them play Austrailia and we totally whooped 'em!

So went to church with the Shwankies and then the next day we were off! I am not even going to go into details of our travels back because everyone knows that airlines are lame...but we made it eventually. And we were warmly welcomed home with the Orm of Enwelcoment!!

Thank you Deh, Jer, Kelly, and Orm.

In closing. Chris and I had a freakin' blast on our trip. And even though we will be paying it off for the rest of forever, it was totally worth it. I advise all to partake in the goodness off New Zealand. I also advise for all couples and future couples out there to take a trip like this. It will bring you together and help you get to know eachother like nothing else.

And thats that for now. For those of you that have started reading this blog just for New Zealand updates, please know that this is also the place for Chris and Randi updates in general. So feel free to check back every so often.

Peace and loves.


it's me, andrea. said...

Oh Diz!! I'm happy you're home. I want to go to NZ SO BAD!! Andrew told me all about the All Blacks a while ago, I knew who they were before he talked about it and he was totally impressed. Go me. I want to play soon and see more pictures!!!

Courtney said...

Sounds like you really had a blast! That is awesome! Dan said that he knew about your possible plan to visit! I would love for you guys to come visit us in Nebraska, the door is always open! We don't have any plans for Thanksgiving, so please do come!

la fashionista said...

The selfish part of me is glad you're back, but I'm glad you had such a great time. Also, Thunderpants ROCK.

Tina said...

Randi..I love you!! You're the best. Hey I need a massage! Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

We are just catching up on your NZ adventures. WOW! What an incredible trip. NZ is my new dream vacation. Please post pictures for all of us to drool over.